Winter mosaic project

It has been a busy fall.  Not only did I have all the garden produce to pick and preserve but I was also busy preparing for the winter craft fairs.  All the produce was taken care of and garlic was planted-a bit later than usual-and now the craft fairs are done too.  I can relax.  Or, actually, I can get busy doing stuff more just for me.  I have been looking at a concrete herb planter near our house that has eight recessed rectangles on it-two per side-and thinking i would like to mosaic those rectangles.  I have a theme in mind but it means that four of the mosaics would be all black.  Exciting right?  Well, I have been excited thinking about it but now I am not so sure.  So, I thought I would make a small black mosaic first and just see what the challenges are and what the results look like.  It is now in process and a picture will be posted in a few days when it is complete.

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